JNKPlat 2018

JNKPlat 2018
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First Release
2nd October, 2018

Guide Platdude through the various levels, as his continuing quest for the Spheres continues.
Hop and skip your way through the various levels, and try to gather up all the gems.


WASD to move
J and L to jump
K to Hold on

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14th August, 2018A Pause Incoming
14th August, 2018JNKPlat Issues - Controls
15th August, 2018JNKPlat Thoughts
15th August, 2018JNKPlat - Basics
16th August, 2018JNKPlat - Editor Plans
17th August, 2018Get to the Editor, Jay!
18th August, 2018Level Possibilities
19th August, 2018One Step at a Time
20th August, 2018Under Control
21st August, 2018Further Complications
21st August, 2018Another Step in the Editor
23rd August, 2018Level Loaded
25th August, 2018Back to Plat?
26th August, 2018Stupid Door!!
26th August, 2018JNKPlat Testing
27th August, 2018More Tiles
28th August, 2018Tweaking the Editor's Interface
28th August, 2018Level Themes
29th August, 2018The Menu.. Eeek!
29th August, 2018Menu One
30th August, 2018Starting Menu Two
30th August, 2018Zero Progress
31st August, 2018Tweaking Menu One
1st September, 2018Procrastination...
2nd September, 2018Oh No!!
6th September, 2018Finally Menu-like!
7th September, 2018Planning Levels
8th September, 2018Ready for Adding Levels
8th September, 2018A Level - Edited...
9th September, 2018OK, More Levels..
9th September, 2018Level Editing
10th September, 2018Uhoh!!
10th September, 2018*fingers crossed*
13th September, 2018More Juggling
13th September, 2018More Level Corruption
14th September, 2018Going Barmy with Bats
15th September, 2018Levels and Such
15th September, 2018Level Select
16th September, 2018Today's Plan
17th September, 2018More Newness!
19th September, 2018Keep On Coding!
21st September, 2018Foggy Brain Continues
26th September, 2018Demo : Soon!!
30th September, 2018Back to Plat
1st October, 2018Settling Back Into the Groove
1st October, 2018Coding the Tutorial

Post Release

2nd October, 2018JNKPlat 2018 - The Unfinished Beta
2nd October, 2018Player Thoughts - JNKPlat2018 Beta
3rd October, 2018So Far So Good..
6th October, 2018All the Little Things
8th October, 2018JNKPlat Progress
11th October, 2018Checksums
12th October, 2018Compressing Save Data
24th October, 2018Whittling Down
27th October, 2018OK, Back to Work
31st October, 2018OoooOOoooooOooooo!
3rd November, 2018Edging Closer
5th November, 2018More Uploading
7th November, 2018And Down...
8th November, 2018A few more levels done..
9th November, 2018Nearly There!!
9th November, 2018Inching Closer
9th November, 2018*phew* What a Day!!
10th November, 2018JNKPlat 2018 - The Proper Release!
11th November, 2018Upload Issues?
11th November, 2018Tweaked Database
16th November, 2018Player Thoughts - JNKPlat 2018 - Complete
16th November, 2018JNKPlat 2018 - Review Roundup
23rd November, 2018New JNKPlat Levels
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